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Welcome to Vanshack!

it's easy...
"all we wanted to do from the outset was to supply a service to the aircooled nutters in our area" Oxford ( Oxfordshire - Wiltshire - Warwickshire - Bucks/Berks ) or anyone that can get to us as many of you have done... thank you

Right then... we've done it fulfilled a dream, jealous? sorry, two guy's with a passion for dub's have done what we wanted, started a business to help others, yep hobby gone mad

We will work on your vehicle as if it was our own, spending your money as if it was ours, creating friends in business not customers

Here's 2018, wow 2017 went far too quick.

Apologies to regular visitors to the web site for the lack of update but we have been in the development of or Flame Spray technologies, flameops limited. 2009 saw our investment, 2010 we mastered the technology, 2011 saw the legal side of business! Intellectual property 'and all that jazz', 2012-15 was the medical and contract development, 2016 saw us just use it for our clients

If you thought, or knew we where different, wait and see what we can do now!

We are two companies now?

Mechanical works supplied by vanshack as normal Body works supplied by flameOps here...»

Metallisation at the shack

Flame Spray supplied by Metallisation here they are...» We here at Vanshack have been for several years investigating processes to produce the best anti corrosion process that we could. If you have been a client through that period you know our attitude to this, we have watched the continued interest in these incredible vehicles and from this we have seen 'you' invest more and more of your hard earned cash in the restoration process, this has spurred us on to protect your investment further. Our journey has brought us to the process of 'Flame Spray' the ability to turn Zinc solid into liquid and spray it onto prepared steel! Offering the anticorrosion properties of Zinc, read more by clicking on the side navigation image of application

So what next...

Well we've developed the technology further to restore your old chrome door handles and headlight bowls, Magnesium items can also be repaired with our proceedures, to name but two, Medical and Contract works also undertaken

Removable Towbar

Towbar for your splitscreen? removable...» Here at last a removable towbar for your splitscreen (bays to follow shortly) have a look at the pictures and see for yourself, contact us for further information

Best of luck to all our competitors!

In reality, however, we know it takes more than luck to create a winning partnership. That's why we combine expert vw knowledge with fair pricing to create a tailor made service that stands out from our competition. VWV the brand to trust in carrying the 'spirit of the times' with the 'strength through joy wagen'

The team in 2018

we are now 5, Kim/Paul/Andy/Mattie and Mark

Hourly rate

Our hourly rate to £50.00, but to those old you know what we can do in an hour and to those new don't despair we offer great value for your money

Buying Service... Feedback, Simon Nixon

Whatever stage you are at with your VW project this is THE place to go. We stepped in thinking we knew something about Campers; clearly we didn't. What Kim Hubbard has taught us has been invaluable and saved us wasting thousands of pounds on the wrong vehicle. I would highly recommend the service that he offers to spend some hours in the workshop learning about vehicles, bodywork, engines and interiors. Not only have we leant a lot, but we really enjoyed it too. The main things you get here are knowledge, integrity and honesty

Auto Craft

Good work boys your panels fit, so for any of you out there wishing to have ago yourselves we highly reccommend you start by buying Auto Craft panels...They are here »

At the-month-end

Have a look at what's in the Shack at the end of the month... See it here »

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