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This is how Vanshack started and continues... Read the history?

From that our ethos started... not to buy and sell, but to listen to what your dreams are and to guide you to them. So when we are asked...'we want a Splitty' or 'my daughter want's one of those Hippy buses' or 'help me not to buy a pile of rust again'. We offer three caterories of our buying service which are, unfortunately money staged...

Cat one: £475... allow 2 to 4 hours of time. I will explain all the periods of evolution of the type, the investment years, conversions, advantages/disadvantages of the conversions via referance or client vehicles, from that identify how the dream is made possible within the bugdet given. A full spec' purchase, A rolling project, A full project or a basket case to be born again (Blue Beast) then go shopping with your money

Cat two: £375... allow 2 hours for me again to explain as above but less detailed with the addition of time spent explaining areas to look for corrosion, you leave with a workshop project costing sheet for you to use as referance, you then go shopping by yourself but with my knowledge and help on the phone

Cat three: £45.00 per/hr and 49p per mile travelled... it's as simple as that, i'll go where you wan't, good for the Ebay buyer!! or if you have opted for Cat two and are not quite sure

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