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Workshop located in Eynsham which is approx 11 miles west of Oxford  Click here for map

Unit 3
Wharf Farm
Eynsham Road
OX29 4DB
  (that's the address but phone for directions)

Callers welcome, Saturday is a free for all day where it's a collection - delivery - Hot Bay and a day for people to come along and mingle, families welcome and ladies there's a toilet that's not covered in oil and grease

Hours - 9 'til 5 but we are here later as we appreciate that people also work those hours so we can stay open so you can get to us... just call before and there are two nights in the week that we work late! but we aren't telling you when! after all we can't stand around all day talking to you lot, there's work to be done, remember when we are talking to you we have stopped on a project and it could be your project next, so don't ask when will it be finished as we don't do time, we aren't prisoners to the job

Call: 01865 731136
O2 mobile: 07703 179982
Skype: vwvanshack
Email: [email protected]
Back up Email: [email protected] should you have problems through our server

click to email the crew stating your details and requirements and gals don't be afraid to call it's not just a guy thing, dubs are for all, 'gender' - 'age'

'Happy dubbin dubbers'!

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