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Roll up, roll up...get you're luverly Vanshack merchandise here!
We've got everything from t-shirts to pants so treat yourself to something nice for yourself or get the good lady a new thong (with the Vanshack oval logo on it) today!...Buy Vanshack goodies here

Frosts at the Vanshack! the restorers first stop for specialist tools and equipment

Morris at the Vanshack! 5lts 30 Golden Film £17.45 (collected), if you have your own empty can (5lts) we can fill it up for £14.47 (collected)

76 at the Vanshack! supplying oils and racing fuels to the performance and racing industries in Europe. We have 10/40 Supreme and High Performance, 30 VeeDub 5lts £17.45 (collected), if you have your own empty can (5lts) we can fill it up for £14.47 (collected) 76 at the same as Morris. We also stock 106 octain Sunoco race fuel, phone for a price

Doors: Cab, Sliders, Rear hatch, Engine Lids.
Other: Front Beams, Bumpers, Pans.

Lowering front from £340, with your solid beam. rear from £85. For our standard 2 inch drop and sorry about the 'from' but if a bolt snaps it's time and that's money, further if there's a servo in the way another £85

General spares we stock a lot but as you lot know there are many changes over the years so to stock all is difficult so we have a delivery twice a day from our suppliers

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