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What You Need To Know!

At the helm are two Engineers...
Kim Hubbard - Business Manager and Paul Seeney - Workshop Manager
Many experiences between us covering multiple types of dub's
Kim: Aircraft engineer - IT consultant - Entrepreneur
Paul: Toolmaker - Vehicle mechanic - Telecoms engineer
then these the other member...
Andy : Mechanic - Welder - Electrician - Painter - Detailer, AKA Gaffer
Mattie: PreFinisher - Painter - facebooker, AKA OnTheScene
Mark: Fabricator - Welder, AKA Torch
Jonno : Out of hours Painter - Jonno also has his own workshop, which we over flow into
That makes up the KP crew at vanshack for 2017, nuts or nutters?

Vanshack is a UK Limited Company, Reg' No: 5671130
VAT Reg' No: 201696915

There isn't much we can't do, Engine rebuilds or built to spec' -Servicing-MOT's-Welding-Custom work-ICE fitting-New and Used parts available -Insurance repairs-Insurance valuations-etc, Our hourly rate £50.00

Hot Bay: Saturdays, buy appointment, but generally 11:00 till 4ish you bring your tools and work on your vehicle in our workshop, first half hour free, minimum 2 hour booking, £18 per/hr or £81 for the 5 hours. tea - coffee - advice all free. So for £27 for the first 2hrs you are in the dry, off your drive, away from err-in-doors and the neighbours doing what's needed, can't be bad. Call to book as it can be a frenzy here some saturdays. By the way a case of Guiness or Bud goes along way if you haven't got the full £78?


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